Do we ever sit down?

We always seem to be doing something. From going to work to housework and kids. So do we ever really sit down and rest and relax. No, I believe we are always are on our feet or on the go from the time we get up until we decide to go to bed. We need to make time everyday to sit down and give ourselves a break. We don’t need to always need to be moving or doing something. Even now a days If we sit  down we are doing things. For example, Watching television, Talking on the phone or being on the computer. My advice is to turn off everything that will distract you and sit down, relax and close your eyes. Your body will thank you.

Our lives are hectic and fast moving, so we need to sit down and slow our mind and body once in a while. The need of slowing things down once in a while will catch up with you. Listen to it, it’s trying to tell you something. Don’t push it away. It will keep coming back stronger and stronger. So sit down and enjoy the piece and quiet.


Sorry, to my readers

Been crazy around here the last couple of months but everything has finally settled down I’ll be back to posting in no time within the next 24 hours hope you enjoy it. I’ll also to be back to posting a couple of times a week.

30 days of motherhood: Conclusion

Looking over the last thirty days of my little project (30 days of motherhood). I have realized that women who are mothers go through a lot in one day. We do most of the cooking, cleaning, running the kids everywhere, taking them to and from school on time ( if something doesn’t go wrong). We watch them grow and discover new things. Spending time with them and enjoying them is priceless. When they are all sick all they want is their mummy. A lot of tender loving care is what them feel better. The constant laundry which is a mountain. Trying to keep up with it when you have four children is down right impossible.

Trying to please your other half is a chore in itself.

When you have a mental illness and you’re a mother it  it makes everything twice as hard keeping on top of your symptoms and medication is hard, while taking care of the house and kids. But I manage very well with everything that goes on in my life.

Having kids in your life is a joy and can be very interesting at times. Would I do it if I was given another chance? Yes i would. Kids are a gift. A precious gift. I love mine very much.

30 days of motherhood: April 30th, 2013

Threw my back out today carrying the buggy up and down stairs. It hurts like or someone put a knife in my back. Lifting the baby made it hurt worse. Each time i had to carry him I had to breath through the pain. I hope This pain don’t last long.

The sickness in the house is almost gone. Thank god! Then maybe the laundry will slow down a bit.

More cleaning today and laundry. My ten year old had to do some chores and he wasn’t happy about it. He wanted to use the computer but he has to earn it. He gave me a hard time throwing a tantrum and he wonders why he doesn’t get any pocket money.

The baby is cranky, fussy and clingy. It’s so hard to get anything done when he’s like that. The husband is useless when I need help with the kids. Some days I feel like running away when everything becomes too much. I love my kids a lot but they get on my nerves somedays.

Didn’t get much sleep again last night. Up and down, toss and turn all night long. I guess it’s stress getting to me.

I told my husband that I threw out my back and he told me not to do too much. I said if i don’t keep the house the way he wants it he will complain to no end. I got no reply from him. I wish he would make up his mind.

30 days of motherhood: April 29th, 2013

My eight year old stayed home from school because he is still sick. My two year old is doing a lot better. The baby is a bit under the weather and very clingy. My ten year old is better and had to go to school and this morning he tried his best to get out of going to school but my husband put a stop to it before he could say anything. He was just jealous that his brother was staying home from school.

Put all the laundry away. A mountain of it. I have about a load to finish putting away. I’ll finish that tomorrow morning after dropping off my ten year old because my eight year old won’t be going again.

Didn’t get much sleep last night. The baby had a bad tummy ache half of the night. Poor thing. I’m just wondering when this sickness will end. I need sleep. Much needed sleep. A night without getting up or any interruptions whatsoever A good night sleep, about twelve straight hours would do me a world of wonder.

Been doing another round of sterilizing  today with bleach just to kill the germs that is causing the sickness around the house. Bleach has become my best friend the last couple of days.

Been another quiet day except for the baby fussing and following me everywhere.

Child’s Play.

Words Of Birds

A tit for tat, tock for tick

I’m feeling very slick

Smooth sailing galore, as I come from the shore

Pamela Anderson running, that sexy Baywatch chick.

That was real sleazy, possibly cheesy 

My reason is not very clear

The food is so greasy, and it wasn’t easy

Instead of that, I ate a pear.

My mind is in jumbles, the world just rumbles

This earthquake if giving me migranes

Forever will I stay humble, even if I stumble

It was only on the plane…

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Why I’ll Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

A very interesting piece


A couple of weeks ago one of my Honours students remarked how impressive it was that I read books; he then gasped when I said that I often read the same book more than once. His comment was only topped when another Honours darling told me that she hated reading. My honest reaction was, then why are you doing a postgraduate degree if you don’t want to read? But unfortunately, it seems as if less and less students think reading is important and most seem to try avoid it as much as possible. Instead, they seem to prefer taking the easy route when it comes to research and are content at having a quick skim on Wikipedia. The more concise the better. Unfortunately, I’m no cartoonist, but if I were, I’d so draw what I’m about to write next to prove how dangerous such behaviour is.

The world is on…

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