Broken promises

Has anyone made a promise to you, then they don’t do what they say they were going to do? This is the story of my life. It’s nothing but broken promises. So now when anyone promises me something, My reaction is O.K., while thinking, yeah right, I’ll believe it when I see it. So if anyone knows what I’m talking about, then you know how I’m feeling about people and their promises. I never get my hopes high just to have it crushed.

I never make a promise I can’t keep. Because I know how someone feels being let down. Keeping promises you make is a good way to earn trust in any relationship.

If anyone wants to know why I’m writing this well I’ll tell you. One \i live with someone who does it to me on a constant basis and two I talk to a lot of people about this subject and how frustrating and irritating it is dealing with these kinds of people.

The only advice I can give is don’t make any promises you can’t keep and just ignore people that like making broken promises.

The best things in life………

There is a saying that the best things in life are free. There is truth in it. for example, A family, a child’s smile or laughter, a laugh or joke, playing with your children. The list is endless.

We don’t need to spend money to enjoy life to it’s fullest. Enjoying the things that matter most to us is priceless and they don’t have to cost a penny to do. For example, spending time and getting to know what everyone did during the day at supper time is a wonderful way to strengthen family bonds. How about a walk in the park or around the neighborhood with your other half. A way to talk grown-up talk without the kids hanging around.

Money doesn’t have to make us happy, but don’t get me wrong we all need it, but not how we think  (to make others or ourselves happy) is wrong. So if we really think about it the best things in life are free.

Do we ever sit down?

We always seem to be doing something. From going to work to housework and kids. So do we ever really sit down and rest and relax. No, I believe we are always are on our feet or on the go from the time we get up until we decide to go to bed. We need to make time everyday to sit down and give ourselves a break. We don’t need to always need to be moving or doing something. Even now a days If we sit  down we are doing things. For example, Watching television, Talking on the phone or being on the computer. My advice is to turn off everything that will distract you and sit down, relax and close your eyes. Your body will thank you.

Our lives are hectic and fast moving, so we need to sit down and slow our mind and body once in a while. The need of slowing things down once in a while will catch up with you. Listen to it, it’s trying to tell you something. Don’t push it away. It will keep coming back stronger and stronger. So sit down and enjoy the piece and quiet.

Please shut up

Watching my T.V. series (The Walking Dead) and my husband is talking non stop. I turned to him and said “Do you ever shut up.” My husband is a non stop talker all the time and it can get on your nerves especially when your watching your favorite program. I do have a way of dealing with people like this. I concentrate on my show or a book I’m reading and just shut them out until they are nothing more than a low buzzing sound. Basically it goes in one ear and out the other. This takes practice to learn this how to do it but once you have learnt the technique mastered it becomes like a second skin to you. There is a story behind all this.

My father was worse than my husband at talking non stop and everyone that came into contact with him couldn’t stand his constant chatter. Well they didn’t have to live with him. I don’t remember how old I was when I learn to tune him out but it saved my poor ears from a constant battering of endless words on a daily basis.

People who talk on a non stop basis need to know when to shut up. One day they will eventually talk themselves into trouble.

These type of people are annoying and irritating. They seem to talk at the wrong time. I think they are looking for attention most of the time or they like the sound of their voice or they like noise.

Family history

I’ve decided to do a family tree in my spare time. This project I’ve taken on is massive and might take years to complete but I’m up for the challenge. This family tree will take a lot of research and time but I really don’t mind. I will have to search every data base there is for everyone in my family and my husbands family. With my husband’s family it will be a bit more trickier but If I need information for his side of the family I’ll I have to do ask him. He thinks I’m over my head with this project I have taken on but I don’t care about what others think. I’m curious who is in my family. For instance, If there is anyone famous in my family. I’ve signed up for a website to kick start it off and I’ve only been doing this project for a few days and I’ve got a lot of information to work with so far.

The website I’m working through to do my family tree is difficult to navigate but I’ll figure it out.

Wish me luck and I’ll keep my readers up dated on my progress. Look for further posts.

The suckers of the world

Certain people in your life can really cause problems or irritate you. You know someone who can become your friend and then they depend on you for everything and on top of it they are a parent. They do drugs on a regular basis. Instead of getting a real job they depend on the government to raise their children. Instead of buying things they need, They buy toys because the child is making a scene in the store. They buy sweets, junk food and fast food instead of healthy food. Then they run to you when they run out of sugar, tea, garbage bags and milk, etc. I know someone like this and it annoys the heck out of me. Let me tell you a little story:

Me and my husband had a talk about this certain someone and they send one of their kids up to get whatever they run out of. Hardly ever the parent comes up. I was out of the house  and my husband was at home when he hears a knock on the door. He answers it and it’s this certain someones child saying “we need sugar.” No please at beginning and hands my husband a cup. He puts four tablespoons of sugar in the cup and gives it back . The kid gives my husband a dirty look and heads back home. I think the child was thinking she would get a whole big cup of sugar. They haven’t been up here asking for sugar. I think they got the message loud and clear. My husband and I didn’t have to say a thing. It’s funny if you think about it.

We have to do whatever it takes to get the message across.


Daily prompt: Ready, set, go.

Set a timer for ten minutes, open a new post, start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.

So here it goes.

All I hear about is my husband’s car. He tells me not to scratch it watch where I put my feet and so on. He even has a name for the car. he calls it Nancy. It’s just a car, give me a break. He cares more about the car then anything else. You know what I like doing, let me tell you: I feel like keying the car or putting sugar in the gas tank. When he starts talking about the car I tell  him to shut up or keep quiet, I don’t want to hear it. It’s gets on my nerves and irritates the heck out of me. He drives everywhere and I have to walk or take the bus. So I think it’s a bit unfair. I can’t even smoke in the car. He cleans the car almost everyday.Cars will get dirty. Especially when you have children. So I think hes being a little silly. He told me one day that if he got into an accident instead of worrying about his family  he would keep saying “My car, my car.” Your family should come first not some hunk of metal.


Walking down the high street and passing shops that sell clothing and they’re are many fashions out in the world. We can be sure to find clothing that we as an individual will like to wear. Everyone has their own unique style. The media influences us what kind of clothing we should buy and wear. My advice to this is don’t listen to them. I rather wear what is comfortable for me. I love being unique in what I wear. Sometimes my husband tells me what I should wear because of fashion. I pretty much tell him were to stick it every time this conversation comes up.

The high priced clothing can kill ones budget. Why not shop around and find a cheap knock off somewhere else or wait for it to go on sale. This is what I do. If I find something I want or like I guarantee i’ll find it somewhere else for half price or less.

I don’t let the media or anyone for that matter Influence me in what in my choice of clothing and neither should you. You are your own unique person so express it!

Fast food

Yum, yum, so tasty and the world can’t get enough. This is why the fast food chains are getting so rich.It’s convenient for us busy and it makes others lazy to cook a real meal. fast food is like a drug and we know we it’s bad for us but it tastes so good. It’s like smoking and drinking alcohol. they are highly addictive. Once you start you can’t stop. Fast food is exactly like that. We all need some fast food in our life but limit how much we eat is the key.


Have you ever notice when watching the news, they always repeat the same thing over and over until you change the channel to a movie or something else.  Even when changing to another news channel its the same thing repeated as on the other channel.

Another thing about the news is that they seem to always report more violence and bad things then good and happy news. Why is this? Many people wonder why we have so much violence in the world. This is what I believe: The news influence us so much along with films, games, and many other things.

What I would love to see more of on the news is  funny, happy stories. It would be a change to all the violence.