The cookie dough (a short story)

I was in the kitchen this morning making cookie dough for my favorite cookies. All of a sudden the dough came alive! It had one big eye in the middle and a crooked mouth with fangs.

You can bet it scared me half to death. I was so scared that I was frozen in place staring at this dough creature. To my horror it grew arms and legs and jumped out of the bowl grinning. I finally found my legs and ran like the wind through the living room,up the stairs and into the study. The dough was chasing me the whole time. I looked for something to block the cracks around the door just in case it could get through them. I found some duct tape in my desk drawer and started taping the door. When I finally finished I was exhausted. I had to figure out how to get rid of the thing I created.

I sat under the desk,thinking and thinking hard. Then all of a sudden I had a idea. I got up from my hiding place and undid all the duct tape from the door. I slowly opened the door and I peeked out and looked up and down the hallway. There was no sign of the dough creature. I steeped out from the study into the hallway and crept to the top of the stairs and I stopped to look around. So far ,so good, no creature. I started down the stairs and I was two steps from the bottom when the step groaned loudly.I looked up at the top of the stairs and there it was looking at me hungrily and it made a mad dash at me. I took off towards the kitchen. I ran straight for the stove when I got to the kitchen and turned the oven on and opened the oven door.

I stood in front of the oven and waited. The dough creature was in the doorway of the kitchen. The thing came at me full speed. I waited until the last second to move. When I saw that ugly little dough face inches from mine, I stepped aside and that thing had no time to stop and landed in the hot oven. I slammed the door shut.

I waited a hour before I got the courage to open the oven door. When I did I saw the dough creature was dead and he was a golden brown and looking tasty. So I took it out of the oven and got a plate, knife, and fork. I cut me a large piece off and sat down at the table, grinning and thing,” sweet revenge, it never tasted so good.” I took a big bite.


The End



Have you ever notice when watching the news, they always repeat the same thing over and over until you change the channel to a movie or something else.  Even when changing to another news channel its the same thing repeated as on the other channel.

Another thing about the news is that they seem to always report more violence and bad things then good and happy news. Why is this? Many people wonder why we have so much violence in the world. This is what I believe: The news influence us so much along with films, games, and many other things.

What I would love to see more of on the news is  funny, happy stories. It would be a change to all the violence.

Film Review: Sweet November

The film Sweet November is a romantic comedy. The film starts off interesting but is slow in some places, then it gets interesting, then slows down again. films of this nature are just like that. The film had me laughing-in unexpected places.

In the film the characters are complete opposites. Sara (the main female character) gives Nelson ( main male character) a deal to good to be true. Sara teaches Nelson life is not about all work and no play. she also teaches him to enjoy the finer things in life no matter how much money you have. Nelson learns about a secret that Sara has .  The film tells you that you can find love in the most unexpected places.

Even though I not the one for these type of films, I did actually enjoy the film. It’s a beautiful and wonderfully produced film. It has a sad but funny story line. In  this film expect the unexpected. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good tear jerker. Keep a box of tissue next to you your going to need them. I really didn’t like how it ended. but you will have to watch this film ti decide. Overall I give the film five out of five stars.