30 days of motherhood: April 29th, 2013

My eight year old stayed home from school because he is still sick. My two year old is doing a lot better. The baby is a bit under the weather and very clingy. My ten year old is better and had to go to school and this morning he tried his best to get out of going to school but my husband put a stop to it before he could say anything. He was just jealous that his brother was staying home from school.

Put all the laundry away. A mountain of it. I have about a load to finish putting away. I’ll finish that tomorrow morning after dropping off my ten year old because my eight year old won’t be going again.

Didn’t get much sleep last night. The baby had a bad tummy ache half of the night. Poor thing. I’m just wondering when this sickness will end. I need sleep. Much needed sleep. A night without getting up or any interruptions whatsoever A good night sleep, about twelve straight hours would do me a world of wonder.

Been doing another round of sterilizing  today with bleach just to kill the germs that is causing the sickness around the house. Bleach has become my best friend the last couple of days.

Been another quiet day except for the baby fussing and following me everywhere.


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