30 days of motherhood: April 28th, 2013

My nine year old  turns ten today and he is feeling a lot better. He’s back to his mouthy self.  But my eight and two year old are still very miserable. The baby is feeling a lot better, up and down and into everything. I think the worst is over with the sickness. I was up half of the night cleaning vomit from my eight year old and then the baby had a tummy ache.

I had a mini break today from the house and kids. I went shopping, didn’t buy much. Went to McDonalds for lunch. Then went to a coffee shop to do some writing. About time, I really needed the break to get my head in order. I’m much more relaxed.

Day two of the house being quiet except some fussing from the two little ones. It’s still eerie that the house is quiet. Even the husband wasn’t complaining. He was tired. Well he came home at eleven-thirty in the morning today. He was at his friends house.

My husband asked me today what I would do if he had another women on the side and I found out. i told him his bags would be packed and the locks would be changed. He also asked me if we moved to Africa and he took a second wife. I said i would move back to the states and he will never see his kids again. I asked him why are we having this conversation anyone? He said I don’t know.

I don’t need anymore bullshit.


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