30 days of motherhood: April 27th, 2013

All four kids are sick. Nothing but cleaning and sterilizing just to kill germs. The laundry keeps coming. The husband is finally pitching in with the bathing and cleaning up vomit and diarrhoea.

I thought my two year old was getting better but he started vomiting again. The baby’s fever finally broke but still has diarrhoea and is very clingy. He likes his cuddles. He ate a bit of toast but thats about it. The other two are just as miserable.

All four kids just laid around on the couches and watched television. my house was quiet which was eerie. I’m used to a ton of noise and chaos and messes. But today was easy, just cleaning vomit mostly and doing laundry.

The weather here today didn’t know what it wanted to do. It would first be sunny, then cloudy, then windy and rainy, This is what’s it is like when you live in the United Kingdom.

Been letting my nine year old get away with murder with not doing the dishes this weekend because of the tummy bug he has. He’s happy about it.

Had to keep bathing the two little ones the last couple of days. I think between both kids I given about twenty baths. It’s easier to wash them off when they are sick then trying to use a ton of baby wipes.


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