30 days of motherhood: April 26th, 2013

Day three of my two year old being sick and now the baby is vomiting and has diarrhoea with a fever. The baby is so clingy, so I can’t get much done around the house and of coarse the husband is complaining. I put the baby down and he starts to fuss then cries. When the kids get sick all they want is their mummy.

I can’t believe what my husband called me. He called me lazy and annoying. Well you know what he can go to hell. He then disappeared. I know where he went, to his friends house. He always gets to hang out with friends while I have to be at home with the kids. When do I get a break?

I get so tired so quickly these days and I have no idea why. I really don’t want to go to the doctor. i basically live there all ready with the kids. So what am I suppose to do? I’ll have to figure it out. Sooner, rather than later.

I want to go camping with my family and leave all technology and comforts of home and rough it. I did it as a kid with my mom, dad, sister and my auntie. Those times I went on holiday with my auntie were the happiest times of my childhood.

Better go get some rest before someone wakes up.

Got my new front door. I love it.


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