30 days of motherhood: April 25th, 2013

Day two of my two year old being sick. Well at least he stopped vomiting. Now it’s just the diarrhoea and a fever. All he did today was lay on the couch and sleep. He slept half of the day. Poor thing, he’s so exhausted.

Since the husband has some time off, he’s been helping my nine year old with his studies. My loves the attention from his father.

We are getting a new front door tomorrow. It’s about time to. The other one let’s in a lot of air. So in the winter the house stays cold.

Need some rest. By that I mean a good night’s sleep. Because this lack of sleep I’m on is ridiculous. No mother should be tired all the time.

My husband thinks keeping the house clean is easy. When you have four kids who don’t like cleaning up after themselves. It’s impossible. You can clean up a room and they are right behind you making another mess. So I take one step forward and two steps back or as the saying goes.

My grocery bill has doubled lately. Boys eat a lot. That’s all they do from the time they get up to the time they go to bed. When I pick them up from school it’s never a hello mum, how are you. It’s i’m hungry. Kids are so funny.


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