30 days of motherhood: April 16th, 2013

My two year old didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. He was tired from his first day back at playgroup.

The never ending laundry keeps coming. you think you finally caught up with it. There is another huge pile looking at you.

Husband actually showed up last night. I just ignored him and went to bed. I think he got the point that I was angry.

My nine and eight year old played some chess and checkers tonight. I got beat by my nine year old in chess but I beat both at checkers.

Trying to get my two year old to walk more instead of riding in the buggy. He’s getting to big for a buggy. So now I put the harness on him so he can have a bit of freedom but not to much and make him walk home from school. He seems to be loving it. A little bit of walking at a time, until he gets used to it.

My baby is fast when he crawls. He’s like a speeding bullet. He loves to following me everywhere I go in the house. So I land up tripping or stepping on him a lot. I feel so bad when I accidently do that to him and make him cry. He gets lots of kisses and cuddles from me.

I love my kids very much.


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