30 days of motherhood: April 13th, 2013

Happy birthday to my seven year old son who is now eight and he thinks he owns the world.

Looking forward to the kids going back to school. Maybe i can actually keep the house in some kind of order.

Been dealing with my eight year olds outbursts. I had more than one today. These outbursts are physically and mentally exhausting.

My husband didn’t come home last night again. When he finally showed up, I said he was making a habit of it and he said he was enjoying himself. It must be rough  to have fun with friends. My friends are the kids.

Me and my nine year old were making a picture together without any interruptions. So we had fun.

My two year old didn’t want to go to bed tonight. But I won that fight. Kids can be so stubborn at times.

My television has been taken over by cartoons or the Xbox. Some days I wish we had more than one television in the house.

The weather was rainy so the kids were stuck in the house all day bored out of their minds.

My nine year old wants a cell phone. I told him when he turns thirty he can have one. He also wants a ipad I told him to get a job. He wasn’t happy about those answers

Been a chaotic day.


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