30 days of motherhood: April 12th, 2013

Been so exhausted today for some reason. Had no energy. Housework was a chore by itself. I guess it was one of those days.

Have you ever tried to watch a movie with four kids making as much noise as possible? It’s impossible. You can barely hear the movie.

My nine year old son said something funny. It was how he referred to his brothers. This is how it went. I told him to keep an eye on his brothers while I did some housework. He said, “I’m tired of keeping an eye on the midgets.” Kids say the funnest things.

I figured out how to make a playlist on my computer. Me and technology don’t get along. So i’m proud of myself for figuring it out on my own.

Potty training with my two year old is impossible. So if anyone has any suggestions I would be glad to hear them and try them out.

There is a new rule in my house. One child acts up, They all get punished and it seems to be working.

I finished my book last night. The one I’ve been reading the last six months and I didn’t expect the ending.

Didn’t get much sleep last night. Hope my Bi-polar isn’t acting up.

A good day overall.

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