30 days of motherhood: April 7th, 2013

Baby feeling so much better. He’s been into everything. He’s becoming his old self.

Get this, my husband didn’t come home last night and had me worried to death. He finally  shows up this evening and I asked him where he’s been. He told me he was out with friends and he didn’t bother to call. He told me his cell phone died. I’ve heard that one before. It must be rough to go hand out with friends when your wife is at home twenty-four hours a day seven days a week with four kids, the housework, cooking and everything else in between.

Have to take my two year old into the doctor tomorrow for his cold. The last time he was like this he had a chest infection. Better safe than sorry.

My two year old got to go outside with his nine year old brother because the baby still has the ear infection. He played outside for a hour and a half and then wanted to come in. He loved it outside. He was very dirty when he came in. At least i knew he had fun.

Been doing a lot of thinking. Nothing bad I can promise you that. Just thinking about how to redecorate the house, what’s in the week ahead for appointments etc.

Been a pretty uneventful day. Except the few fights I had to break up between the kids.

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