30 days of motherhood: April 4th, 2013

Something is up with the baby. He’s clingy and fussy. Time to take him into the doctor. He was up until four in the morning,crying. Can’t get much housework down because he just want to be held.

My other three children had a good goofing around today. It was more like beat up on mum. This was while the baby took a hour nap. It’s so hard to divide your time between four kids who have their own things they are into.

My two year old and thirteen month old took the pots and pans out of the cupboards and my two year old climbs into the cupboard, opens and closes the door. The baby thought it was so funny. That’s when he didn’t want his mummy for five minutes.

I need a break, from kids, housework, cleaning, people complaining, the fighting, arguing, The constant messes, Maybe a weeks vacation, somewhere warm and sunny.

I’m suppose to have time to myself once a week. A couple of hours, that’s not too much to ask. My psychologist said I had to because of my mental illness. It just gives me time to calm my nerves and get my thoughts in order or read a book or whatever i wish to do.

My two older children Had a friend over. The weather was bad so they couldn’t go outside to play. i don’t mind If they have a friend over once in awhile as long as their friend is well behaved and my kids better be on their best behavior as well or else!


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