30 days of motherhood: April 2nd, 2013

Finally the kids are in bed and the housework is done. I’m feeling a bit better then the last couple of days. I actually did a lot of housework. My seven year old son was on some sort of kick. Swearing, mouthing back, and picking on a two year old. One minute he can be the sweetest thing, the next minute he’s hell on wheels. My husband and I think he has Bi-polar. To bad they don’t diagnose children for that.

One thing that really irritates me is my husband comes home from work and starts complaining about what didn’t get done. I want to see him do what I do on a daily basis. It’s not easy. Keeping a house spotless with four kids is impossible.

My thirteen month old got up at three in the morning and wouldn’t go back to sleep. He just wanted to be held and instead of getting up and dealing with the baby. My husband wakes me up and rolls over and goes back to sleep. I was so angry. I got up but the baby wouldn’t go back to sleep no matter what I did. Around four thirty in the morning I put him in between me and my husband and he went back to sleep and so did I. But around six in the morning the other three got up. So much for sleep.

The joys of motherhood.

I took the two little ones for a walk today. It was more like they sat  in the buggy and I did all the walking. It was nice getting out of the house for thirty minutes. The two older ones were at a friends house.

Now for some me time before the husband gets home or the baby wakes up.


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