Laughter is the best medicine

Having a bad day? We all have them. So what do we do about it? Have a good laugh. The one where your laughing so hard your stomach hurts and tears are rolling down your cheeks. to achieve this here are a few ideas:

– A funny joke

– A funny video

– A funny picture

-A funny quote

– Even cartoons work

If you ever worked in a nursing home, then you know that a lot of the residents don’t see many family members. Your basically the only human contact they have on a daily basis. Many of them are sad, depressed and angry. They will take it out on everyone. But if you can make them laugh or even smile they seem to soften up a bit and they become more relaxed.

Are friends,co-workers and neighbors have bad days and why not make them laugh. It  will brighten up their day.

So why not make someone laugh today or why not everyday? Because laughter is the best medicine. Not drugs, pills.laughter it’s all so natural. Go ahead make someone laugh.

Who cares how you do it. Just get them to smile, chuckle, or a big hardy laugh. It will make anyone’s day.


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