Just recently someone asked me what motherhood means to me? This is a very interesting question to answer.

Motherhood means to me, the first time you find out your having a baby, watching your belly grow, feeling the baby kick, going through the pain of labor but at the end it,s worth it, when your holding the baby for the first time and looking into their eyes, all the while your flooded with emotions. You smile anyway, knowing that you brought a special gift into the world.

As your baby learns their mile stones, you get excited over everything they learn to do.

Your their when they have their first day of school. You raise them the best you know how because kids don’t come with a instruction book. They graduate from school and go to university. Then they have a family of their own, and the cycle continues.

Motherhood has happy times and sad, angry and joyous times. Motherhood is a special thing to me. I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Motherhood has a down side to it all and here are a few:

-Sleep desperation

-Diaper changes

-Getting up in the middle of the night

– Laundry

-Cleaning up messes

But the ups out weigh the down side. Would I do it all over again? Yes, I would.


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