Please shut up

Watching my T.V. series (The Walking Dead) and my husband is talking non stop. I turned to him and said “Do you ever shut up.” My husband is a non stop talker all the time and it can get on your nerves especially when your watching your favorite program. I do have a way of dealing with people like this. I concentrate on my show or a book I’m reading and just shut them out until they are nothing more than a low buzzing sound. Basically it goes in one ear and out the other. This takes practice to learn this how to do it but once you have learnt the technique mastered it becomes like a second skin to you. There is a story behind all this.

My father was worse than my husband at talking non stop and everyone that came into contact with him couldn’t stand his constant chatter. Well they didn’t have to live with him. I don’t remember how old I was when I learn to tune him out but it saved my poor ears from a constant battering of endless words on a daily basis.

People who talk on a non stop basis need to know when to shut up. One day they will eventually talk themselves into trouble.

These type of people are annoying and irritating. They seem to talk at the wrong time. I think they are looking for attention most of the time or they like the sound of their voice or they like noise.


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