Kids screaming, T.V. blaring, someone please make it stop. So much noise all around us. Outside we have car alarms going off, sirens, kids playing, people talking loudly. A ton of noise to drive us crazy. When you have a mental illness and you can’t handle a lot of noise it can set you off. With me and Bi-Polar I can’t handle a lot of noise. It gets on my nerves so easily and I get so irritable, fast. I feel like I’m losing my mind when I have to deal with too much noise.

I have to handle the noise by taking mini breaks through out the day. To explain what I mean is this: I go to my bedroom for a couple of minutes,breath deeply and go back to all that noise. It helps me a lot and gets me through.

When everyone goes to bed I make my environment with very little noise before I go to bed. I have no television, radio or anything that makes noise on. i have absolute quiet and read a book for a half hour. My brain has to be completely calm when I go to bed otherwise my mind is in overdrive and I lay in bed thinking about everything and anything and this leads to lack of sleep and restlessness. So I have to deal with a high level of noise in my own and keep calm. But  keeping calm when noise is high is so hard.

So how do you deal with all the noise all around us daily? This is a question we have to answer ourselves. We all have our own method to deal with too much noise.

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