Lack of sleep

Before you have children you get plenty of sleep. Even when you have a hectic job and it’s you or you and your partner. You still manage to get all the sleep you need. Then we start having babies and sleep goes right out the window. We do the night feedings every two to three hours. On top of it all we do the doctor appointments, house work and cleaning during the day. Caffeine becomes your best friend. We drink this just to combat the tiredness. They grow and then there is the school run, activities, and even more doctor appointments, more cooking and more housework. If you are working and have kids, It’s even less sleep for us. Us, women who have kids, walk around doing things but are really in a fog because of lack of sleep.

Kids will get sick and that means staying up all night taking care of them.

We might be awake for two or three days at a time and eventually our bodies just shut down and all we think about is sleep.

Lack of sleep is evil.


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