Sibling rivalry

Having brothers or sisters is a recipe for arguments and squabbles. From the time we can crawl and we have older siblings who can pick on us, we have problems. As we grow and get older and the arguments and squabbles get worse and sometimes down right physical.

I see the arguments and squabbles between my four children and it can get pretty ugly at times. The physical part of it scares me to the bone. I try teaching my kids that hands are not for hitting but it goes in one ear and out the other.

When we are adults and leave our parents home and our siblings go and live their own lives, we keep in touch with them but we still argue with them over everything and anything. Sometimes we argue with them that we stop speaking to them for a very long time.

We shouldn’t stop speaking to our brothers or sisters over minor things. They are very important in our lives. So if you argue with your siblings then stop. If you stopped speaking to your siblings, then mend that bridge. I guarantee they will be happy to hear from you.


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