You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in that room? I found this on the daily prompt and thought this would be kind of interesting to write about.

As I opened my eyes and everything was coming into into focus, I realized I was in a small room with four white padded walls and no windows. On the ceiling was a bulb which wasn’t giving off much light and I realized I was laying on a hard metal bed with no cushion what so ever. I slowly sat up and looked around this padded room and my eyes saw a door. I got up to try the handle, locked of course it would be. This room didn’t scare me so I laid back down on the metal bed and closed my eyes. I must have fallen asleep because I heard a crackling sound and  turned over and in the room was a huge fire raging all around me. It was getting hotter and hotter. I screamed but no one heard me. My clothes caught on fire,I try putting it out but it doesn’t work. Then I smell the skin start to burn and very slowly I am burned alive like in the Salem witch trials.

This is my worst fear and I hope I never have to live it.


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