Do you ever have the thought or feeling that you could murder someone when they make you mad or does something that irritates you? I know for a fact many people do. But few act upon it.

There are people who do it but didn’t plan on it. It was the heat of the moment and something that went wrong.

Then we have serial killers and people who kill for fun. These type of people are just sick and you can never understand why they kill.

We can murder to be with someone or for revenge and the list goes on.

murdering another human being will get you know where but into a lot of trouble and behind bars.

But why do human beings murder other human beings? I think it’s been with us since the beginning of time. In the stone ages we would have to kill animals to eat and it just progressed from there.

Murder is as bad as all the diseases in the world. Murder is a very horrible word.


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