Walking down the high street and passing shops that sell clothing and they’re are many fashions out in the world. We can be sure to find clothing that we as an individual will like to wear. Everyone has their own unique style. The media influences us what kind of clothing we should buy and wear. My advice to this is don’t listen to them. I rather wear what is comfortable for me. I love being unique in what I wear. Sometimes my husband tells me what I should wear because of fashion. I pretty much tell him were to stick it every time this conversation comes up.

The high priced clothing can kill ones budget. Why not shop around and find a cheap knock off somewhere else or wait for it to go on sale. This is what I do. If I find something I want or like I guarantee i’ll find it somewhere else for half price or less.

I don’t let the media or anyone for that matter Influence me in what in my choice of clothing and neither should you. You are your own unique person so express it!


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