Where do we get our information?

Information; Where can we get it and can it be trusted? I can think of quite of few places.  For example: The internet is a sea of information. Some of it is true and some of it is false and the rest is well funny or weird.

Before we had the internet we had newspapers and then magazines which I can’t believe half of the things they put in them. It’s more about how many issues they can sell then about the truth.

There has been books since the beginning of time. So in my eyes they have more truth in them.

Television; Another source of information. Which I believe is to make you a couch potato. To lazy to look in a book.

Then we have the all important human being. Not the best source of information, Why because we love to stretch the truth just to get some attention or to make the story interesting. There are many places we can get our information we just have to know what’s  the truth and what’s  not the truth.


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