Dream Or Nightmare

Can you tell the difference between a nightmare or a dream? I sure can’t. A dream can be nightmare. A nightmare can be a dream. They both have something in common, they happen when we are in a deep sleep. So how do we tell the difference between the two?

Some people believe that dreams have meaning. Even though the meaning is not straight forward sometimes, we have to guess what the meaning is. I believe dreams have meaning, do you?

Nightmares, another aspect that plague our sleep. Sometimes we live the same nightmare every time we close our eyes. But what I really want to know is this: do nightmares have meaning to? some might argue on this subject.

Is it a dream or a nightmare? I guess we have to make up our own mind. Do dreams have meaning? Maybe or maybe not. Do nightmares have meaning or are they something to frighten us when we are sleeping?


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