Baby Brain

Your probably wondering what baby brain is, well it’s once you have start having babies your brain turns into mush.  You can’t remember birthdays, anniversaries, appointments without writing them down. This includes groceries (what you need to buy) lists, meetings, and everyday things. If you notice before you had any children your memories was sharp as a chef’s knife.  Then after having  children you forget simple little things.  I believe being tired on a daily basis doesn’t help much.  So why is it that are brain goes to mush when we have babies?

A lot of women I talk to who have children say the same thing: That their brain  has turned into mush ever since they had children and they are not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Maybe scientists could do a study about baby brain and give us a answer.  Then they could come up with a solution so we wouldn’t have to deal with baby brain.

Baby brain a name us women gave ourselves because we forget simple little things after having children.


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