We all love a good film.  I know I sure do. But it so hard to choose these days with all the films that are coming out.

My favourite films are horror. All that blood and gore. Some horror films though are fake in the special effect area. I like something more realistic.   I love to be scared but the horror films these days are a little boring. So far I haven’t found one I really enjoyed. Like for instance’ A Nightmare on Elm Street’ even though its not realistic but that one is scary and it gets me every time I see it.

I enjoy action films but not as much as much as horror.  They are coming out with a lot of action films lately so I really don’t have a favourite on action film. Who doesn’t like violence and guns.

Then we have the tear jerker’s. some women actually like these films, but not me. They don’t keep my attention. these films are down right boring and I can’t stand them.

We also have the independent films, now some of these films are actually really good and while some are boring and slow but to find out what they are like you actually have to watch them.

Comedies are good source for a laugh when your having a bad day and nothing is going right.  I believe everyone loves a good laugh. As I watched a film one time , I was laughing so hard I thought I would pee my pants that’s the kind of comedy film I like.

I believe this has happened to everyone at some point: You rent a movie and no where does it say anything about subtitles. Man do I hate that, and the film is in another language  with English subtitles. It’s so hard to follow a film  when you have to read subtitles. It’s just annoys the hell out of me.


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