Being Controlled

Having a partner who controls you in every way possible is not healthy  for anyone. By being controlled I mean your partner tells you what to wear, how to act, who you can have for friends and the list goes on. Not to mention the physical and sexual abuse. They love to play mind games just to keep you from telling anyone or going anywhere. As you stay together it will only get worse. My advice to anyone in this type of relationship is GET OUT AND FAST!!

Don’t give any excuse for their behaviour. If they don’t show you respect then you have the right to find someone who will love and respect you. You don’t have to be scared for your life or walk on egg shells when you are around them.

The person controlling you will be very nice at first and treat you like a queen but then slowly but surely it will begin with something small like what you should wear, and it will become worse then down right unbearable.

Don’t tell the other person you are leaving because they will do everything in their power to stop you. My advice to you is wait till they are at work or away from the house , Pack a few things and some money (Don’t use credit cards because they can track you down with them.) And run and never look back. If you have children from this relationship take them with you.

I have learned this lesson the hard way many times.  But I ran like the wind and never look back. Now I have a loving husband a great kids.


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