Privacy: Everyone Needs It

               Would you want someone to read a journal or diary you have written? I wouldn’t think so. Everyone needs privacy. Let no one tell you otherwise.

                No matter if you are married, a couple, friends, or co-workers.  We all need to have privacy to be alone with our thoughts, to relax or write in our journal or diary.

                What I hate the most is people being nosey, always up in everyone’s business and then gossiping about them.  Talk about a violation of privacy. It is sad that those who do this have nothing to do with their time.

                 When you are married I believe you are entitled to some degree of privacy.  A journal or diary  to write your thoughts down and anything else you want. Your other half or people you know have no right to go through it and read what you have written.

                  If you have accounts for email, Facebook or other sites that require a password for you to access. Should you tell your other half?   My answer to this is no. you should be able to do what you want or talk to who ever you want or write you are feeling.

                   It makes me so mad when some people I know do It to me then have the nerve to tell me” I want to know what you have been up to.” I have the right to privacy just like they do. I can’t express enough that everyone has the right to privacy.


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