Even though you have spam guard on in your email it still lets in a lot of junk. You clean out your email but the very next day you have just as many as the day before. If not more.

Facebook sends every single request from games you play or people statuses. this can be very irritating. When you open your email I guarantee  ninety percent of it will be from Facebook or other things.

Some of the email I don’t even know where it comes from. Sometimes I wish there was a better was of filtering all that junk mail and Facebook requests

Another Thing that gets under my skin about email is deleting messages twenty-five at a time. If you don’t clean out your email everyday it piles up and then it can be time consuming to go through each message then deleting them.  I learned this lesson the hard way.

Some people might agree with me on this but email can just be a royal pain sometimes.


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