When I was in school I was bullied to the point where I didn’t care about school. I didn’t even want to get a good education. I  think that’s why I dropped out. I  was picked on about my clothes, hair even the way I acted. It scarred me for life.

Back when I was in school they never talked about bulling like they do today.  So now i have no tolerance When my kids bully each other or when the neighborhood kids are doing it to my kids because of what happened to me. Being bullied is hard on anyone, young or old. It can make them insecure and have built up rage. Its a awful feeling to have or experience.

Some kids feel ashamed about being bullied and won’t talk about it. My advice to all parents is to talk to your kids about bulling and the effects it has. It makes a good conversation at dinner. Let them ask as many questions as they want even if it brings up bad memories.  If you were bullied as a children tell them about your experience. I think bulling should be outlawed in all schools because of the harm it can do.


2 thoughts on “Bulling

  1. Amen, sister. I remember kids, who’s parents were well off, berating, tormenting and laughing at other kids from poor families. It’s disgusting and immoral. When their parents were confronted, excuses were made and nothing was done. I remember one girl switching schools over it. In my opinion, the bully should have left not the victim.

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