Pet Peeves

               We all have something that bothers or annoys us to the point of insanity.  My biggest pet peeve is be disorganized, second on my list is my house being messy. With four kids, its impossible to keep  my house in any kind of order.  There are some people who have crazy pet peeves.  It really depends on each person what bugs them the most.

               If some tells you that they don’t have a pet peeve or nothing that bothers them,that’s a lie, believe me we all have a pet peeve.

                Most of us can’t seem to dodge our pet peeves so we have to find a way of living with them or just deal with them day after day.

                 Who gave the name pet peeve to things or people that bothers us.  I believe it is a strange a very strange name anyway. I could look it up but I don’t have that kind of energy.


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