Cascades (by Kathleen Kasiko)

                        ( I don’t remember where i got the picture)


As the water falls,

It is clear and fresh,

And never a mess.

White is the water

As it rushes past me.

It is fresh smelling,

Bubbling as a cold glass

Of ice water.


How I would love it to flow

Over me.

The rocks are wet and

Slippery and smooth as

The water rushes over them.

I would love to drink this

Fresh smelling water.

The foam on the water

Reminds me of a root beer


On a hot summer day.

Stay awhile and enjoy the

Scenery of the Cascades.

One more thing before I go.

The roar of the water

Is peaceful to my ears.

Feeling the spray makes

Me want to stay……….


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