Bi-polar Disorder (blog number two)

I was watching the news the other daywhen they were talking about Bi-polar. They said Bi-polar is gentic.It is encoded in our genes, but we don’t have to let it ruin us. It was nice piece of information to know. It got me thinking- who in my family has Bi-polar?  But my family don’t talk to each other. It is important to try to find out where the Bi-polar comes from. This could help you becoming aware of the disease. This could take time and research. But I believe it will be well worthworth the effort.

Syptoms of Bi-polar usually range from all levels of depression, to what is called a high. Where you feel like your on top of the world(known as euphoria). Other syptoms include restlessness, lack of sleep, excessive spending, anxiety, mood swings, and many other symptoms.

When diagnosed and on the right medication. Finding what triggers your episodes is a key ingredient to managing your illness. This way you can try to advoid them as much as possible.

A term used when  a mood shifts often during the day is ‘ rapid cycling’. One which I have. Its not an easy situation to deal with. I have a family  so trying to get some quite time, even for five minutes so I can calm down, is important.

There are some days I feel like a rollar coaster, up and down, up and down. On such days iItake a deep breath and  count to five slowly and try to relax. I do wish I never had Bi-polar but I guess we get dealt a difficult hand in life, we just have to find a way to over come it.


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