A Toilet Roll


                                                                       A Toilet Roll

                             Can you imagine what sort of life

                             You’d have to live in the loo?

                                  Have youever thought , while you’ve been in there,

                                  Of the things toilet rolls must go through?

                              Would you like to be in the position?

                               Put yourself in the toilet rolls place.

                              Imagine the sort of conditions

                              A poor toilet roll has to face.

                                 You’d be hung from the for convenience-

                                The loo just an arm’s length away.

                                Do you think it would be very pleasent

                              To be hanging there day after day?

                                   Do you think that the air would be frangrent,

                       Or foul to a sensitive nose?

                            Would the sight that you see be exciting,

                      Or add to a toilet roll’s woes?

                    Would you like to be torn off in peices

               Or perfer to used in a strip?

                  Would you like to be held very loosely,

               Or grasped with a iron- like grip?

               When  the last piece of paper was taken,

                 You’d know that your short life life was through:

              You’d be naked- a round piece of cardboard,

            That’s no use at all in the loo.

                  You’d be squashed, and thrown out with the rubbish,

             And replaced that very same day.

              A new toilet roll would hang from the wall-

              The loo just an arm’s length away.

                Sometimes i feel like i’ve treated you like a toilet roll

                  My anger an arm’s length away, my rage a pit a way

              Yet i know that you are the darling of  my life

         When i go to work i think of you

                Not as a toilet roll; not next to the wall, or the toilet

         But as next to my heart.


                                                                    By Unknown


2 thoughts on “A Toilet Roll

  1. Hahaha! “You are the darling of my life”, “You are very special to me.” I think your toilet paper is blushing… oh, wait… no… that’s just hemmorhoid blood.

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