Being comfortable in your own skin

                As I turned on the television this afternoon and actually paid attentionto the advertisements, I notice that the models were skinny and flawless. Not many people are like that. so I did a bit of research and got a few tips on being comfortable in our own skin:

1. Wear clothes for you.

              Buy clothes that you are comfortableand that make you happy. Who cares what other people think. If you’re satisfied, then thats what matters the most.

2. You’re unique, embrace it. 

                You don’t want to act like everyone else; doing what they do, and looking like them. If everyonedid that it would be a very boring world.

3.We all have flaws.

                    Look at these so called flaws you have and see what you like about them. For example, you have big hips, what do you like about them?  Not dislike. Think positive because these flaw make who you are.

4.Ignore the media.

                  Ignoring what you see on the television, in magazines, on the internet is the best thing you can do because models are always perfect on televsion and all other media. This is not you.

                    You are a different in your looks, talents, and the way you dress.  So EXPRESS IT!


3 thoughts on “Being comfortable in your own skin

  1. Great post! I’ve always felt that I may not be perfect but I love me for who I am. I’ve tried hard to teach this to my kids. But it’s so difficult with the media’s obsession with “the perfect body”

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