Kids and junk food

I notice when walking down the street or even at the store that a lot of mothers feed their children junk food. Which I think is crazy to tell you the truth. I barely see any children eating fruit or vegetables. I hear mothers say the children won’t eat friut. Try, try, and try again. Kids will try it eventually.  As a mother of four boys I limit how much junk food they eat and encourage them to eat friut and veg as much as possible. I also limit how much juice and fizzy drinks they have.

Some parents wonder why there children are so hyper all the time. A lot of the things we eat are full of sugar and we might not even know it. I remember telling me that she gives her children to keep them quiet.  Now  that’s the worst thing you can do. Then they expect it all the time. Junk foodis addictive. If you are a mother, please try not to feed your kids too much junk food, for their health’s sake.


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