Bi-polar disorder

So much information is out on the market these days on Bi-Polar or any mental illness. People or specialists think they know everything, but what it come down to is this; The person being on the right medication and having therapy. Being compliant with your medication is a very important step for being stable. There are many  Bi-Polars out there who either take their meds or go on and off them. This is not a good idea because the medication will not work. Trying to find the right combination is a long process, but stick with it, eventually you will find what works for you.

Many people say they can tell a Bi-Polar (or anyone for that matter with a mental illness) from a normal person. No you can not because they look like everyone else. It can be some one you know or a loved one.

Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. Some people might disagree with this, but i look at it as another thing that life throws at me. Yes I have Bi-Polar disorder I’m not ashamed of it. at least I know what I have. Although the disorder can be treated, but not cured. When I was frist diagnosed ith Bi-Polar I went through the game of trial and errorventually the doctos of medication but eventually the doctors found the right combination that worked for me. I stuck with it and it was worth it. I also did some research on the internet and got some tips from there for managing my Bi-Polar. I can recommend a book called “The bipolar workbook”. It has tips ond moodcharts and many other things to help.

Tell family and friends, they can be a big help.  They can notice symptoms before you can. I don’t regret telling my friends and family. My biggest supporter has been my husband and I am very grateful to him.

6 thoughts on “Bi-polar disorder

  1. This is an excellent post. Two people near and dear to me suffer from this, and it is widely understood. In a relationship, it can be a third person. If you love someone with bi-polar, listen to this advice!

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